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hear it here first...

flip-camAnyone who follows me or my auto marketing company knows I’m a big fan of making online videos as a way to better connect with your prospects and promote your store.

Yet, I’ve discovered most dealers aren’t as enthusiastic about doing online videos as I am because they are afraid they won’t have “anything interesting to say” or that they’ll  “sound dumb on camera”.

Well I stumbled across a cool tool this week that can help even the most camera-shy auto dealers produce better videos without special editing equipment or having to do a million takes.

The tool is found at and it’s basically a web-based teleprompter that helps you stay on topic, take natural pause breaks and perform like a rockstar when recording videos online.

Simply write out a script, load it into the platform, set a comfortable font size/ speed size and start talking.    It’s really that easy—hence the name, easyprompter!

In all seriousness, take a few minutes and give it a try.   I think you’ll find it to be a valuable tool in producing better quality videos for your website or other marketing materials

And as always, leave a comment below and let me know what you think.