My name is Robert Ring. I help frustrated business owners step away from the day to day b***s***, allowing their business to be fun, predictable, and lucrative without sacrificing their family, health, and happiness. I'm the creator of hundreds of lead generating business websites. For the past ten years, I’ve been saving business owners from themselves, vendors, and manufacturers that want them to subscribe and pay into systems that just drives down prices and profits.

I am an experienced marketing strategist and consultant for business owners seeking to increase brand awareness, generate more leads and increase their bottom line with a powerful recipe of success. To accomplish this, I help business owners set up websites that work (and outrank the competition in search), install CRM and email marketing systems designed to generate fresh leads. Media strategies to reach prospective buyers on their own turf and holistic analytics of the effectiveness of each business he/her manages. For more information on my services or to contact me directly, please feel free to contact me directly. | (843) 471-0937



I bring a strong media background with having nearly a decade of radio industry experience in a top 75 Market. I had a very successful career in Radio, with a particular expertise in the automotive marketing field. First, I have been fortunate enough to work with hundreds of small business that range in size from 1 employee to over 1,000. What is unique about this and what I know is that you can maximize any budget regardless if it is a few thousand a month or a few hundred thousand. When the plan is formulated correctly, you will get a ROI 100% of the time! From the day I entered the media industry, which some would say is a cutthroat, unforgiving environment, I pledged to be upfront and honest with all clients. This philosophy is what allowed me to get to the top, billing over $5,000,000 in 2013/2014! Clients look at me as a valuable resource and a true partner/consultant. My past, present, and future business partners are more than business, but friends and this ensures each of our goals are obtained! I brought this experience and leadership to Yes Chant and am applying that to our new clients. I help them customize a marketing plan that will over-time take them to levels they thought were unachievable. I will demonstrate that you can buy media effectively, but then also convert the additional leads generated into actual in-store traffic and appointments. This is an exciting time in my life and I look forward to working with each of our current and all of our future clients. | (843) 608-9213