Our Services

Our Services

We are fully accountable for:

  • Auto Consulting
  • Customer Relationship Builder
  • Media Buying
  • Advertising and Marketing
  • Billboards
  • Cable Productions
  • E-Mail Campaigns
  • New Business Design
  • Newspaper
  • Radio Creative
  • Website Design
  • Business Development
  • Online Reputation Management

Yes Chant Auto Consulting Services

Yes Chant Auto Consulting Services

We THRIVE on providing our clients with services above and beyond your day to day Ad Agency, including:

  • BDC Creation & The Scripts That Unlock The Secrets To Drastically Increase Showroom Traffic
  • Full BDC Training & Management If One Should Already Exist
  • Personal In Store Training By The Owner NOT Some Lower Level Employee
  • CONFIDENTIAL Upper Level Management Recruitment

Yes Chant Business Solutions

Yes Chant Business Solutions

We have worked with 100s of businesses over the past decade, from 1 employee to 1000s of employees, with a single goal in mind…affordable growth. I became more than a Broadcast Partner, but became the businesses media partner and have learned how to maximize any size budget from $1,000.00 per month to $200,000.00 per month.



Many of our clients rely heavily on Radio Advertising as the number one lead and traffic generator. Yes Chant holds the key to buying radio in a way that will bring you ROI 100% of the time with no room for error! The way in which we buy, place, and negotiate for our clients when buying radio is a sure fire way to increase your businesses traffic. If you or the agency you currently work with does not buy radio this way there is a high likelihood that you will not receive the desired results of your campaign and in turn end up overspending and losing time, money, and resources along the way. Let Yes Chant show you the secret and allow for you to prosper nearly instantaneously.

Once the schedules are purchased and placed the fun just begins. You will now need an effective and creative message that will cut through all the other noise on the station in order to grab the listeners’ attention. Without a solid creative plan in place your dollars will be wasted. We thrive on creating these messages for our clients and would love to do the same for you.


Yes Chant can answer all your direct marketing questions and concerns quickly and clearly.

We at Yes Chant believe the ability to address customers directly through direct mail can be an effective medium that can target based on geographic location and demographics. If done right and you have a well thought out plan it’s dependable and has the ability to reach customers directly in a variety of industries.

A results driven mailer has a few very important aspects. A well thought out design that will cut through the clutter is a MUST that also has a solid offer that will attract a higher rate of interaction with the end user. Possibly the most difficult and thus the most important is the list of intended recipients. We at Yes Chant have the ability to customize your message in a cost effective manner that encompasses all of these elements to save you time, money and resources.

We geographically target the most effective and market driven based areas that will boost your business. Yes Chant does this through grouping large zip code areas and selecting individual carrier routes based on what your business is trying to accomplish.

Are you looking to target certain demographic populations such as age, gender, or region? Our specialists have the ability and knowledge to channel your advertising directly and specifically to the consumers you’re after. This in turn will add to the effectiveness of your campaign.


Most businesses today know they need some component of online marketing. The issue that they struggle with is which one. When a potential customer in your market visits an online internet search engine to search for the product you sell, ideally you’d like your site to be at the top of the results, right? We can make that happen.

In the case that you do not currently have a viable website, Yes Chant can really help you. With us, your website will be consistent with all of your other forms of advertising, which is incredibly important for brand name recognition.

With that data in hand for our analysis, we then perform what’s known as SEO. This will allow us to optimize your site with code, metadata, page titles, and body copy so that your site can be easily found by the most widely used search engines on the web.

Yes Chant has the ability to launch a re-marketing campaign. This tactic is proven to create traffic by reminding prospective clients why they came on your sight in the first place and make it impossible for them to forget you. This campaign will allow you to recognize visitors on your website, remember their specific computer, and the content that interested them. We can then follow them around throughout their web searching with advertising for your website or brand.

We can provide mailing lists to specific geographic areas; targeting the demographic and customer base that will best suit your needs and help your business grow. We also have the ability to dive deeper and target numerous demographic filters to specifically reach WHO will be most likely to respond to the campaign.

We can get all the right consumers saying all the right things about you. We can grow your likes and fans with targeted engagement and promotion. We understand how important your reputation is, and that’s our goal. Let us build your brand and reputation. Yes Chant will take every step to ensure you have a lasting image from which your company can benefit.


If it’s printed, we can do it. Yes Chant has relationships with some of the best in the business that specialize in everything from design to placement or wholesale printing. We produce high quality printed materials and we can then can negotiate in order to ensure you continue to save time, money, and resources while still achieving your goals.

It’s said that the newspaper is dying, but for small towns this isn’t the case. Newspapers and Specialty Magazines deliver a very specific targeted customer and they often have the demographic research about their readers to support their rates, which takes any guesswork out of the process.

There are more vehicles on the road in the United Sates than ever before. In the age of mass transportation everyone who is driving is also seeing billboards. Though billboards don’t allow detailed messaging, they are excellent eye-popping graphics that drivers will remember. They are excellent for brand and image building, as well as promotional advertising. You do need to be cautious of design and placement in order to ensure you are not lost in the mix.

Your design must have the ability to work in every application or usage. No matter what media you use for advertising, everything starts with your identity and logo design. Our team realizes that a good logo is not only attractive and communicative, but adaptable to any and all media uses.


You as a business have everything that you need. You have a product or service. You have a sales message, and you have a brand identity. But how do you get it out to your potential customers? Many Business’s struggle to decide what mediums are the most powerful and impactful and becomes a guessing game that can lead to a lot of wasted time, money, and resources.

Purchasing media is usually a miserable experience. There are endless options, and each one claims to be the best way to reach your customers. Yes Chant has the experience and knowledge that will allow us to research, analyze, negotiate, and place on your behalf. We will take the stress out of the process and give you our professional and unbiased recommendation.

After recommendations have been made, we will work with you and your budget. We know the importance of having your brand and we feel that it is better to be seen in one media rather than not be seen in any so if there are budgetary constraints, we may decide to cut one medium in order to bolster the presence in another. This goes back to the basics and unfortunately too many agencies lose sight of this. With our companies experience in media negotiations and buying power we consistently negotiate rates lower than others.